No water, no life!
"Water is not necessary for life, it is life."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry summed up the very essence of water in one sentence: it is both the original crucible and the primordial element of life.

Water scarcity is one of the major challenges of our time. As a result of pollution, climate change, overpopulation and misuse of resources, a large part of the planet is short of water, which is essential to life.
It makes up around 75% of the human body and up to 90% of the weight of plants.
Biodiversity in the aquatic environment is more than just a jewel to be protected for the pleasure of the eyes and tourists. The diversity of life in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes is an essential aspect of the three pillars of sustainable development - economic, social and environmental...
Sponsored by Professor Jean-Pierre Sauvage, winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, the "Water Element" project follows on from ''Art on Science: 26 studies'', which was a great success with the public in 2020.
From April 20 to May 4, 2024, the "Element Water" project brought together 14 artists (7 from Boston and 7 from Strasbourg) around the theme of water. The assignment was to create a two-dimensional work whose modus operandi The format is 40 x 50 cm. The exhibition at the Kléber bookshop will also feature 4 works by guest artists.
To highlight the diversity of water, the artists use a variety of media, including painting, engraving, collage, photography and embroidery. While some of the works are inspired by travel and daydreaming, others tackle issues such as rising sea levels, ocean pollution and overfishing. The creations are diverse and enriching, raising questions or arousing apprehension. The works dialogue and resonate with the plurality of the subjects addressed.
Scientific conferences (oceanographer, marine biologist and biologist in biomechanics and bioengineering), a screening of the documentary "La Seine a rencontré Paris" by Joris Ivens hosted by an INRAE researcher, and a concert punctuate and complete the exhibition.
Alain Eschenlauer
President of the Trafic d'Art association and project coordinator for Strasbourg

Corinne Albrecht
« Fréquences Terre - évolution 1 »

Ann P. Forbush
"Mariner's Legacy I"

Martine Lutringer
« Ice crime »

Sara David Ringler
"Gifts from the Sea"

Agusta Agustsson
 “The Water We Breathe”  

Patrick Bogner
« L'insaisissable qui saisit »

Ronni Komarow
"River Interwomen"

Nedret Andre

Alexandra Sheldon

Stephanie Mahan Stigliano
"More Water than Ice"

Biliana Kamenova Boykova
« La Lorica »

Yvonne Troxell Lamothe
"When you Live in a Flood Zone and here comes the Sea"

Pascal Henri Poirot
« Writing Water »

Christine Schoettel-Birgy
« Surpêche »

Christophe Wehrung
« Sans titre »

Alain Eschenlauer
« Paradoxe I »

Lefebvre - Zisswiller
« Benthoscopie »

Manu Poydenot
« De l'eau »

Stephane Spach
« De la disparition des îles »

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